Explaining nonverbal impact


We aim to help you improve your communications by showing you how others’ nonverbal communication affects you and how your nonverbal impact affects others. You will learn to postpone your judgment and to observe factually. In this way we contribute to better communications between people and thus to an improved functioning of society.
The INSA Foundation Board are:
Herman Ilgen (chairman); Sara Makkenze-Mangold; Erik Groot; Onno Knaack en Laura Ilgen (secretary and treasurer).

We work together with partners and with fully trained license-holders.

Chairman of the Board, researcher, trainer, negotiator and mediator

Herman Ilgen

I have been a negotiator for more than 35 years and a mediator and trainer for more than 20 years. The psychology of negotiations and conflict situations has always fascinated me. Especially the seemingly elusive way processes can get bogged down or change for the good. So, I have immersed myself in the relationship between (observable) nonverbal communication and unconscious behavior.

Also, by conducting research in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. In my view this provides for new possibilities to direct and mentor processes. To make these insights useful for daily practice I developed the INSA-Method. The 10 years of practice I have with this method show it brings new possibilities for improving communications between people, preventing problems arising from misunderstanding or quick judgments.


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When I first came into contact with Herman Ilgen 10 years ago, his INSA-Method immediately attracted my interest. The influence of behavior on (nonverbal) communication and the influence of nonverbal communication on behavior is something I have been focusing on all my life. I have therefore been involved in the INSA research from the beginning. Furthermore I have been teaching at Leiden University since I finished my Master in Social and Organizational Psychology there. I specifically teach and train in the domain of communication and psychology with the goal of making people conscious of the effects of their behavior, so they may adjust it if they are open to do this. I also worked independently for several consultancy companies.

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After my studies in law I worked in the Dutch Navy and at the Ministry of Defense as a policy officer regarding human resources. In the early 80’s I became acquainted with the domain of labor relations negotiations. In 1990 I started at the General Employers Association (AWVN), first working as a negotiator and consultant for 10 years and then in management and in the board. Since September 2020 I work independently for the public sector and the sector of performing arts. The common thread in my career is leading change-processes and bringing together groups and individuals to reach satisfactory solutions in complex situations. When this becomes really tough I feel the challenge to reach a breakthrough on the basis of a thorough analysis, creativity and stamina.

Over the years I found that working on mutual trust and the realization that behind the content there are always purely human prcocesses ultimately are decisive. When herman asked me to become part of the Board of the INSA Foundation I did not hesitate. With the INSA-Method we can build bridges in a society that is more and more impacted by differences and antagonism.

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I have worked for over 30 years as HR Manager and partner in an organization consultancy agency.

The interaction between individual and organization has always been my focus. Especially the choices made by both the individual and the organization, without being aware of the real consequences of those choices. In our agency the primary goal always has been to provide the individual with tools to be able to develop and go on. For this the INSA-Method has proven to be a very valuable  addition. I had the privilege to be amongst the very first group of license-holders and I have followed the further development of the method from close by. Until now we are the only assessment agency using the INSA-Method as a testing instrument.

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I have been involved with INSA since 2015. First as a license-holder and now as Secretary and Treasurer of the Board. As a cultural anthropologist I have been taught to observe people as objectively as possible. The INSA Method of nonverbal strategy analysis has helped me to develop this skill further. In my experience this is valuable, because it leads to a better understanding of others and my influence on them.


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Our License-holders

We like to work together with partners of quality.

The professionals listed below have been trained and certified by INSA. They perform according to the conditions required to continue their license and according to our requirements of quality and integrity to be able to execute non-verbal strategy analyses. By combining our expertise we attain optimal results for our customers.


Alexa Kuit,

Albert Abma,

An Gaiser,

Antoinette Hoek,

Barbaree van den Ende,

Dana Ketels,

Hanneke Bekkers,

Herman Ilgen,

Jeannette van Beek,

Laura Ilgen,

Marleen Vroegindeweij,

Mark Stuart,

Onno Knaack,

Paolo Diana,

Priya Gayadien,

Ron van den Heuvel,

Sara Makkenze,


Trineke Kroeze,