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2 days




€1195,00 excl. VAT


Masterclass in bridging different positions in a business context

If it is part of your work to solve differences in positions between people or parties, and you are used to do this on the basis of common sense, and you wish to strengthen your skills to a professional and strategic level. Then this training will provide you with a clear advantage. Because bridging differences effectively requires a special quality.

Oftentimes people/parties have partially conflicting interests, goals or views, also linked to differences in power. On the other hand people/parties depend on each others’ cooperation to attain their goals. This means that a businesslike and constructive approach is essential with those differences so that an agreement can be reached that will not jeopardize the working relationship. In fact it is a balancing act between being assertive on your goals and maintaining a relationship that will also support the implementation of the agreement.


For whom?
This training is for professionals with a sound insight in people and with good observational skills who recognize themselves in the description above. Participants should have followed the training See the Other- See Yourself or one of the other INSA trainings.


Practice focused training

Because every participant will already have experience with the situations described above the program always starts with simulations measuring what the participant already knows and has mastered and where there is room for improvement. The learning process focuses on the latter. Theory and practical tips will be delivered accordingly. It is all about a tailor-made learning experience.



Intake by the trainer (online):

  • In conversation with the trainer you focus on your learning goals, in relationship to your professional practice.
  • Your learning goals in personal effectiveness will be included and linked to your Personal Nonverbal Repertoire (PNR) and your nonverbal impact on others.


Day 1 (preparations, structure, clarity, playing field)

  • Your insight and skills in a professional preparation will be strengthened; this concerns not only the content of the issue, but also the force field of the situation.
  • You learn to work from clear criteria for an acceptable result, including the role of your constituency or principal.
  • You learn to start a meeting with an opening that is effective in the context.
  • You learn to continually structure the process interactively
  • You exercise with enlarging the playing field and generating creativity


Day 2 (Power, dynamics, self-insight, focus):

  • You learn to recognize the effects of differences in power and dealing effectively with them, also taking into account your PNR profile.
  • You gain insight into the dynamics of positive (encouraging) and negative (threatening) stimuli to keep the process in motion. And this without negatively impacting the working relationship. Your nonverbal impact plays a role in how this transpires.
  • Your insight in your personal influence in the process will be strengthened, so you understand how the other person/party sees you.
  • You discover the importance of mental focus in the preparation and execution of a conversation; and you learn to integrate this in your preparations.


To further enhance the learning experience you may participate in one of the Bootcamp Days, organized by INSA.