Training specifications

  • In company, dates to be set


3 days, 1 afternoon online + 2 Exercise afternoons online


No prior knowledge required



€1295,00 excl. VAT

Training for professional practice

If it is in your interest to swiftly assess people and their dynamics in conversations. Then this training will provide you deep insights and a practical set of instruments. You will gain insight into yourself, your nonverbal impact and in the interaction between others.

With this training and with the innovative, research based INSA-method you will be able to deal more effectively with your interaction partner(s) at a very early stage in the situation. You will find that you are less inclined to judge others. As a bonus you will experience maintaining a good overview in even difficult situations.


Training goals:

  • Insight in unconscious nonverbal communication and its psychological meaning and influence in interactions.
  • Becoming acquainted with a model of personality types, linked to objectively observable nonverbal communication; and with what these types say about interaction needs and behaviors under tension or when comfortable.
  • Learning to translate objectively observable signals to behaviors that can be expected and to a tailor-made approach to build and maintain contact.
  • Insight in the dynamics between people in a team or in a conflict situation. Being able to make a team analysis.
  • Adjust process management and interventions to the unconscious perceptions of the other person.
  • Strengthening your own insight and overview in interactions with others.
  • Understanding how you can come across with others and how to correct this image when desirable.


Target audience
Consultants, mediators, negotiators, leaders, law enforcement professionals, HR managers, project-managers, sales-representatives, personal coaches and other professionals


This training consists of 3 days on location and 1 online afternoon. Followed by 2 Exercise afternoons in the course of one year.


Day 1 

  • Perceptions, judgments and contact; what is already known about nonverbal communication?
  • INSA Method: Personal Nonverbal Repertoire and personality characteristics (basic types)
  • Analyzing video-materials; instruments for the analysis.


Day 2 

  • Personal Nonverbal Repertoire and personality characteristics (combined types)
  • Analyzing video-materials; instruments for the analysis
  • Video recording of the participants and first feedback on nonverbal impact


    Online afternoon

    • Analyzing video-materials
    • Relating analyses to context and behaviors


    Day 3 

    • Nonverbal interaction patterns; Interaction Matrix and Interaction Charts as instruments for professional practice
    • Analyzing video-materials (also in split screens showing both interaction partners)
    • Team analyses with the INSA Method



      Exercise Afternoons

      After completing the training you follow 2 online Exercise Afternoons to maintain and sharpen  your analytic skills. This will also strengthen your confidence in professionally using the INSA Method.