Training specifications


In company, dates to be set


3 days, 1 Bootcamp Day



No knowledge of the method required


€1595,00 excl. VAT


Personal effectiveness in contact with others

In this intensive 3 day training you will work on your personal effectiveness and communication skills using amongst others the research based INSA Method. You learn what your contribution is in interaction with others and you learn to influence conversations when required.


Training goals 

  • You learn the theoretical background on unconscious nonverbal communication and its psychological meaning and influence in interactions.
  • You get acquainted with your Personal Nonverbal Repertoire and the meaning to yourself and impact on others. You get insight in relevant information in others’ faces and their impact on you. So it is both about you in the role of sender and in the role of receiver.
  • The above is being linked to effective interaction skills in contact with others, especially in conversations that are difficult for you. This will enhance your personal influence.


For whom?  

  • For everyone interested in communication, behaviors and his or her influence in in conversations and wishing to develop themselves and make themselves more effective.
  • Professionals aiming to refresh their insights in communication and behavior.
  • Beginning and advanced professionals wishing to understand and apply the INSA Method.
  • Beginning professionals who wish to know about their style of communicating.
  • For professionals who want to learn how to influence others.


This training consists of 3 days and 1 follow-up day.   

Day 1 

  • You learn both the theoretical framework of the INSA Method and the basics about psychology and communication.
  • You receive your Personal Nonverbal Repertoire based on a first analysis during an individual videorecording.

Day 2 

  • You exercise a for you challenging conversation with an experienced actor.
  • You will become conscious of your contribution to interactions by understanding more about the qualities and pitfalls in your communication strategy.

At the end of day 2 your personal learning goal will be defined more sharply. After day 2 you receive a report about your own Personal Nonverbal Repertoire. 

Day 3 

  • You exercise a for you challenging conversation with a different experienced actor, with the focus on your learning goal.
  • The experiences with the actors will be discussed in depth and linked to practical advice to exercise in your practice.

You will go home with new insights to work with, both professionally and in private life. On the basis of your new experiences and in preparation of the Bootcamp Day you will be asked to provide a relevant case and learning goal to exercise with.  


Bootcamp Day 

After the 3 days of the training you will be able to refresh and apply your new insights during this intensive day. Repetition will strengthen the internalization of insights and skills. The day consists of roleplay situations, in part with an actor. After each interaction we will discuss effective interventions and skills.